Meet Mass M.Y

Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Nov 24, 2008

Bliss you out...

Looks like that I am not writing any journal in here but I do art journaling frequently. When the books is fulled then I will upload the journal in here to share with you. I didn't know if anyone ever came in here and read my blogs. I hope there are people seeing and reading this. ^-^ hi there!

Well, seems that for nearly 2 months and a half that I am not busy with this site. Yup, I am quite busy with my life and family. Starting Ramadan and Syawal, keeping me busy with house work not forgetting mentioning my little Ain. She is now getting friendly with alphabets and numbers. She is really enjoying learning the new things. She is a fast learner and quite good with numbers.

Here I got a selfpotrait that were made on a occasion of my birthday. Actually its ready a week after I post a sketches of it on my last blog. Please do comment about it. I will write my blog soon.