Meet Mass M.Y

Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Jul 1, 2010


Well, this year I turn 40th....not yet, I have another two months to celebrate it. Along the way, I am creating a friends birthday card which is the same age as mine. This is a birthday card for my dear friend Farah Diba. I really admire her for the first time I saw her at my secondary school. Wait!... hahaha... don't get me wrong okay?.. I admire for her nice attitude. By the way, she is pretty too.. till now she is absolutely fabulous. Thats why I wish her a fabulous birthday on the card. I hope that she like it. Actually I wanted to send the card earlier before her birthday, yup!.. today is her birthday. But I am making a ribbon embroidery for her that yet to completed. So many things I would like to do but there's so little time for me.. hahaha.. because I am stuck on playing games in FB!!.. so horrible.... how addicted!... ok ok I decreased my desire of playing games... later!...