Meet Mass M.Y

Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Mar 10, 2009


I have made some card earlier but I haven't got the opportunity to post it on time. Here are some of those cards I have made for my friends birthday in last February.

This card is for Ipah. She is celebrating her birthday in January. This card is simple.

This card is for Sis Noriha. I hope she likes this card. It goes well with the gift... Ferrero Rocher... looks chocolated. yum yummy. I am using paper from a Club Scrap.

This one is for sis Eshah. Her birthday is same as Anuar Zain, it is on 15th of February.

Say your appreciation out loud!...THANK YOU!

Last Saturday my niece asking me to go with her to watch movie 'Upin & Ipin' (which is not my listed movie) . Anyway, she is treating me this time so I eager to see what is this movie all about. I knew that this movie won't satisfied me much but I will try.

We went out at 11 am and the movie started at 11:30am. The cinema is just 20 mins away from my house. The cinema is situated at Taman Dagang where the building is kind of dead... I wonder how those people managed to survived selling their things in there... I forgot that building was called, but you can find Uda Ocean there. I seldom come to that place as there is nothing particular to buy or roam about. If it weren't for the cinema, I bet the building is closed down already.

Get to the main story. My niece bought a large popcorn which I adored having as a snack. We have each popcorn for ourselves... ( still not enough for both of us!). Well, the story of that movie was ok. I like the character, but still they need a lot of improvement to do. The cartoon itself should be more move as the story go, not being statistic at times. The mimic of the face should be more gentle and not look so hard to make some faces... Yes, I know.... the technology of making something like this movie is too new to us malaysian, and I hope that it generally grows well of upmaking more and more movie like this and make the differences of today's history.

From the total of ten, I given five and a half for this movie. I hope to see the continue of this 'Geng' series in the future with a lot of new advanced things. Glad if it is more like japanese cartoon.

For my appreciation, I made a 'Thanks' card for my niece. That's the card I made using paper from ScrapClub and KI memories. The alphabets I coated with Distress crackle paint by Rangers. After the chipboard dried up, I glazed it with Perfect Pearl Bronze. I finished this card at 4am.

This is how it look from other angle and with different shooting.