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Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Aug 21, 2008

Me, getting older...

I am 38 today. As usual, not getting many wishes. My hubby gave me something that he saw at Central Market. I am happy eventhough its not a diamond or an expensive items. His thoughts that really count. Thank you sweetie.

I am sketching a selfpotrait but not yet finished. I wanted to make some journal on it. A birthday journal. 38 of years living on earth.... so much things I dreamed of and so little things I achieved.

I am so fortunate and thankful to Allah for the reason I am still alive and the good things happened in my life. Eventhough I don't have much friends to celebrate with, I am still lucky to have a considerate husband and family.

This is the potrait of being me. Not really me, but silly potrait. I am tired because now is at 3:41 am. Need some sleep. I'll post anything good in the morning.

Happy birthday to me.

potrait of me, unfinished.

Aug 9, 2008


Lawa kan tarikh tu. tapi terlewat untuk abadikan kat sini. Aku demam semalam . Aku tak on
line siang tadi. Pagi semalam pergi klinik dan selepas makan ubat dan tidur, barula beransur sihat.

Dah kol 12 mlm. Tak sempat nak abadikan tarikh cantik tu.

Ahh. nak tido la. penat.

Aug 2, 2008

Happy Birthday

I have gone through quite a lot of interesting life. I am not crafting since my last story in here. Its not that I am lacked of ideas, but I am busy sewing a new curtains for my living area. So much things to be done nowadays and yet I am out of time. Sheduled...scheduled..

Well, my Ain Nur Diyanah for now she is talking. Quite interesting though when in the morning she wokes me up by saying ..mama.. wake up mama,...wake up... when, of course sometimes I am still lying laziness in bed . She is so adorable!..

This card I made last night for my sister's coming birthday. Hers will be in 25th and mine 21th. Isn't that great? but unfortunately, we never celebrate it together. May be I am not the kind of person she likes to take for the party or celebrations. She regularly celebrate with her other friends. I don't mind that, because I am used to it. No heart feeling... honestly!

I made something different this time. A card is not just a card. I created this book cover. This is infront cover. I used paper from ClubScrap and K& Co paper as well. Embellishment from ClubScrap.

This is the layout of the inside of the book cover. Its no book actually, just pretends to have a book inside. What I did is make a big flower card in the left side which I stamp and embossed on the brown dark paper, again from ClubScrap. On the right hand side, I made a booklet and then I slide it into the pocket I have made earlier. Isn't it one of a kind?

This is the closer looked of that big flower card that I attached with a glue on the left side. That cake was made using a shrinking paper. I stamp with a cake stamping and then colored with desired color ink that is permanent. I shrink it with a heat tools and then I made it glow by applying a 3D crystal lacquer. observed!.. yup.... some glue bling at the edges of the petals.

This is the booklet that I made to write my journal for my sister. I slot it in the pocket at the right side of the book cover. Actually, I stamped a few stamping items on the inkjet transparency paper with a staz on ink, then I take a bling bling paper from K& Company special paper. Insert another plain red paper inside the bling bling paper then make two holes outside left of that booklet to decorate it with ribbons.

Its 4am right now.. I hardly type further more... so tired... and there is all. Thank you for coming here. Bye.