Aug 21, 2008

Me, getting older...

I am 38 today. As usual, not getting many wishes. My hubby gave me something that he saw at Central Market. I am happy eventhough its not a diamond or an expensive items. His thoughts that really count. Thank you sweetie.

I am sketching a selfpotrait but not yet finished. I wanted to make some journal on it. A birthday journal. 38 of years living on earth.... so much things I dreamed of and so little things I achieved.

I am so fortunate and thankful to Allah for the reason I am still alive and the good things happened in my life. Eventhough I don't have much friends to celebrate with, I am still lucky to have a considerate husband and family.

This is the potrait of being me. Not really me, but silly potrait. I am tired because now is at 3:41 am. Need some sleep. I'll post anything good in the morning.

Happy birthday to me.

potrait of me, unfinished.

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