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Dec 6, 2009

New gadget...

Today I got a new toy... hahaha a new handphone. I think I like this I-phone much better than the blackberry I am using previously. Well, still figure out how to managed my new device... hahaha

Nov 26, 2009

Salam Aidil Adha buat muslimin dan muslimat

Esok hari Jumaat adalah jatuh hari raya haji atau hari raya aidil adha atau hari raya korban. Kalau sebelum ni pada tahun lepas berhari raya di Rembau, kali ini aku balik Johor. Dah lama tak balik Johor. Apa agaknya yang abah aku akan masak raya pagi nanti yea? mestilah nasi beriani gam atau nasi beriani darat. Sedapnya! terasa lapar pulak perut ni!....

Aku teringat semasa melakukan haji pada tahun 1999 dulu. Sekejapan saja masa berlalu. Ingin sekali aku pergi lagi semasa masih sihat ini. Rindu sangat nak melihat kaabah. InsyaAllah kalau ada reseki dan diizinkanNya, aku akan pergi ke sana tak lama lagi.

Dipenghujung minggu pula aku akan bergegas ke Batu Pahat untuk menghadiri kenduri kahwin dua pupu ku. Selepas tu akan balik terus ke KL. Semasa dia JB, mungkin aku nak mencuri masa menjenguk kawan-kawan sekolah di sana, jika berkesempatan.

Oct 30, 2009

My work when i am lost in time.

These are some of my cards when I am not blogging for awhile then. I didn't have any specific creation or signature to my card making. I just made them as my ideas flows during the creation of each cards. Sometimes I like the result but seldom frustrated.

My birthday.... da lepas tapi...

Memang dah lepas birthday ku itu... tapi masa tu langsung tak ada mood nak ber blog. Entah kenapa?... aku pun kurang pasti...
Tahun ni dapat la banyak gak wishes dari kawan sekolah sebab jumpa diorang kat facebook. Thank you for that. Suker sesangat... ialah mengingatkan bahwa usia ku makin bertambah!... alahaiii.... tu yg menakutkan... ibadah masih cetek lagi.... aduhaiii.... semoga Allah memberi aku rezeki yang murah sepanjang hidupku dan kuatkan imanku serta tidak leka dengan duniawi sahaja. Amin...

My niece, my favourite niece shall I say... given me a teddy bear. Actually I am begging her to give it as my birthday gift... hahaha.... what a crooked. So, here it is...

As from my hubby, I get a new blackberry curve phone. I think I prefer nokia as my gadget... BB is more difficult to mangle. Anyway, I still learned how to use the BB.

Actually there is one more gift from my hubby. I will post in here the story of it when I get the gift. I already knew the present but I would like to have picture with it when it arrives my home. Till then...

Oct 29, 2009


I have tried this nice cupcakes recipe recently. I made about double dozen and then I gave away to one of my relative. On last hari raya rumah terbuka for her school, she ordered from me about sixty cupcakes and I managed to delivered on time.

I wanted to find a way to make a nice packaging for my cupcakes. I charged for each cupcakes for only seventy cents. I think it worth it because it taste real good.... Yummy!

Did I mentioned that I put a blackberry jam inside each cupcakes? , well look at it then... imagine how it would like to taste... :D

Nape nak ke party halloween?.

Kesian aku tengok mak bapak muda sekarang ni yang lebih lebih pulak menyediakan kostum party halloween untuk anak mereka.... yang orang Islam la... kalau yang bukan tu tak pela. Diorang yang celebrate mebrate ni dapat ape agaknyer ek? diorang ni tau tak halloween tu pesta ape? atau diorang tu bodoh hanya ikut kan aje pesta pesta macam tu?

hmm... selama ni aku tengok aje orang Islam yang sibuk nak sambut party tu. ntah ape kejadahnye pesta pesta camtu.... meraikan kononnye hantu atau roh orang mati hidup balik? ada ke kamus tu dalam agama Islam?

Ya Allah , sedarkanlah umat Islam di dunia ini.... Amin!

*****BLISS = Perfect Happiness*****

It is like for ages that this side I put quietly down. Its not because there's not much thing happened around me to tell, but the lacked of time putting my words on this blog canvas delayed me updating my work and mood wasn't here for blogging.

Now that I could find a way to straighten my daily chores and pulling some time for me crafting. I have done quiet a few things around and you will know it if you continue reading this blog. One thing for sure is that, my life is content. Happiness flattering me and my family. I have got everything in life that I desired. That's a bliss!

As for this morning, I am up with fresh feeling after about three days sick with flu and cough. My cough still there with uncertain sore throat. Anyway, I make up my house that were left uncared for two days... well, you know men... they just couldn't see the messy around them if there's any and don't care much about it and they certainly will go through it without feeling a slight of guilty... that's my experiences. I am used to that and this morning I washed all the dirty laundry, washed the dishes , swept the floor.

Still got time make a bread pudding for
breakfast meal. Everyone is not up yet till I finished all those chores.

After I had my breakfast, I went to my working desk...
see how messy and clutter... I am now working on a project making an art journal. I attend an online class at --get it scrapped taught by Dina Wakley. The class just started on Tuesday and it will last on Friday, Nov 20. Wow!... so much to do on that Friday as the day after that is my class reunion at PNB. Well, I'll clean my desk later this evening.

In addition to all the things I am aware of doing
right now is that I made a swap project with my dear online friend that I knew since 1997 or so. We lost contact but finally met once again on Facebook. There we've learned that we love crafting so much. Her work are nice and pretty too.

Here the link to her website - Nadia

About the swap we've been doing for each other were a secret and I didn't know what to expect. I have made one of the craft for her, but the other one is on the way. Delaying due to my busy day helping my niece on her wedding day. And that is another story to tell. Hopefully I might continue blogging from time to time.

Jun 26, 2009

Another celebrity has died....

*pictures taken from Reuters

Yup, Farrah Fawcett , the 62-year-old actress ... dies of cancer. I really admired her when I was a little girl. I love seen her in Charlie Angels. My hair then is so much looks like her but only that I am with black hair. So I always dreaming to be as much prettier like her. Absolutely stunning. Anyway, my mom dies of cancer too , so I knew how suffered she is.

Pin up picture of her in 1976

And this the picture taken in May: Farrah undergoes more tests in her battle against cancer in May

More about Farrah you can read here.... Click here

Its a lost.... MJ- Michael Jackson

I am not a big fan of him, but my school days were surrounded by his music. I love listening to his number but forgot the title of the songs....

Anyway, this is his destiny.... MJ is dies in his 50 , yesterday in LA.... of a heart attack...

Jun 17, 2009

Manik- recent project.

Buat baju kurung baru untuk myself. This time trying to do some beading onto my baju.somehow it rather bored, tapi kena habiskan juga sebelum raya. Jahitan manik diadaptasikan dari buku A-Z sulaman manik tulisan Sue Gardner, tetapi di alih bahasa melayu oleh Utusan Publications.

Jun 13, 2009

My father's birthday.

Last 5th of June was my father's birthday. I made the card a week before his birthday. I send it through snail mail and when he received the birthday card I was in Kulim with my sister and others. My father told me that it was nice and he like the card. I haven't got any present for him. I might give something for him when I went back this coming 21st June for a durian feast at my father's dusun. Can't wait to eat durians..:D

Jun 4, 2009

Oh no!

What a lovely posed... I snapped the photo when she says oh no! Its gone!.

May 29, 2009

Father's Day Contest

Semalam aku terjumpa blog Mama Tisya . Layan kejap blog ni dan ternampaklah Father's Day Contest ni. Waaahhhh... menariknya... ! Tak sangka yea community blogger kat Mesia ni dah buat macam blogger kat USA. Diorang tu pun selalu buat giveaway atau swap barang-barang kraft buatan sendiri. Kira aku ni da ketinggalan pasal kegiatan ni oleh blogger kat Mesia ni sebab selalunya melayari website orangputih aje. Bukan ape, seronok tengok barang gadget untuk bahan krafting yang advance berbanding kat Mesia.

Okaylah, mengenai Father's Day.... kalau nak ikut kan aku tak ambil tahu pun pasal nye... Cuma, sejak ada baby barula aku insaf... bukan ape, tengok husband yang penat balik kerja, letih, kesian dia cari rezeki yang halal untuk kitorang. Pastu balik penat-penat, baby ajak main 'build a house' dari kusyen sofa aku. Takkanla sambut birthday dia aje kan? mestilah nak sambutan hari bapa yang lebih istimewakan? Jadi tahun lepas aku buat kad untuk dia dan masak special menu. He appreciate it very much!

Nama Papa: Abdul Wahab Zakaria
Nama Anak: Ain Nur Diyanah
Umur Anak: 3 tahun, 8 bulan

Pada awal tahun ni, kami ada makan angin ke Langkawi. Dan di sini disertakan gambar anak dan papa bersama. Gambar ini menjadi pilihan untuk contest Father's Day kelolaan Mama Tisya kerana gambar ini menunjukkan betapa akrabnya puteriku yang bernama Ain Nur Diyanah berusia 3 tahun, 8 bulan dengan Papanya. Ini kerana keletahnya yang manja serta kelasakkannya membuatkan Papa Ain sangat tekun menjaganya dan melayan kerenahnya yang kadang kala amat memenatkan. Papa Ain tak pernah komplen pun...

Kali ni kami merancang celebrate makan kat mana mana yang bes dan pastu nak bawa Ain pegi main bowling. Rasanya dah tiba masa Papa Ain tunjukkan cara yang betul main bowling.... manala tau kan dah besar nanti boleh jadi pemain kebangsaan bowling kebanggaan negara.... siapa tau kan? :D

Oh ya !... terima kasih buat Mama Tisya yang bersusah payah buat contest ni ek. Nanti anjurkan lagi contest menarik macam ni. Saya pun dapat ramai kawan baru!... I am having fun dan kalau dapat hadiah bes gak kan?... tapi apakah hadiah itu?...waaaa... surprisednyeee!

May 28, 2009

Miss You

One of my cyber friend whom I met online about thirteen years ago, who became a good friend of mine asking me to make her a farewell card... so this is what I come out with.

She told me that she like the birthday card that I made for her recently. There was japanese girl holding a fan that fancy her for this card. So, I am anxiously created them for a few hours and ready at 3 am. Yes, that's my sleeping time recently. Okay, I hope she really admires this creation.

Apr 30, 2009


I love the velvet feel on that card from Club Scrap. For today's card, I still making the design same as the previous card. Only that this time I stamps a cupcake stamp from Maya Road. I color it with Perfect pearls. I really love to see the combination of the powder and the water when it mixed togather. The result is way much too pretty... 

Apr 27, 2009

Happy Mother's Day everyone.... and Color Inspiration #50 :Kristina Werner

This is Kristina Werner #50 Color Inspiration Challenges. This time I think it is a very special time to enrol for this challenge. I am not lucky the previous challenges. I thought I might try again as the prizes for the #50 Color Inspiration is quite nice. So this is my entry.

This coming May 2009 , every body knows its Mother's Day. Celebrating and good wishes and make happy day for all mothers in the whole world. I made this card, may be for Ebay or anyone who like to buy it here. My mother passed away a long time ago, and I didn't celebrate it anyway. Only starting last two years, whenever I have my own daughter Diyanah, I am delighted to celebrating Mother's Day together with her eventhough at her age now, she knew nothing about. We will eat ice cream at Baskin Robbins this time. She ate ice cream very nicely and didn't messy around.

So I hope every one who came here enjoy my card and HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to you all too.

Supplies used : Ranger Perfect Pearls, Small Punch Burterfly, Prima Build-A-Swirl (I used the butterfly stamp) Club Scrap Plain Brown Paper, Decorated Punch Edges and 'Happy Mother's Day stamp.