Meet Mass M.Y

Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Oct 10, 2010

Today, 10.10.10

Nice date. I were at Alor Setar since yesterday evening.had a lovely time here.just watch the wedding of the year of datuk sheikh muzaffar and datin dr halina. Nice wedding must say, but the dress for the cake session is not that nice to my eyes.she would wear rather nicer cutting and more catches the eyes. Anyway may be that was her taste of a beauty.?!
I haven't put on words into this blog like for ages. It's not that I hate or didn't have stories but I just couldn't find time for it. Sometimes my broadband just can't mingle with my pc and laptop. Sometimes, I was with games in facebook.that's how I am lacked of time.
Today, I am trying hard to get online my blog as the beautiful date -10.10.2010, will only be in another like a hundred of coming years. Is that true?. Tell me if I were wrong.
On TV3 this evening aired live a wedding of a
a Malaysian astronaut. So grand and looks peacefully in that PICC at putrajaya. The bride and groom march to the grand room with a happier and excitement faces.

Well, for sure they were indeed happy...