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Jun 26, 2009

Another celebrity has died....

*pictures taken from Reuters

Yup, Farrah Fawcett , the 62-year-old actress ... dies of cancer. I really admired her when I was a little girl. I love seen her in Charlie Angels. My hair then is so much looks like her but only that I am with black hair. So I always dreaming to be as much prettier like her. Absolutely stunning. Anyway, my mom dies of cancer too , so I knew how suffered she is.

Pin up picture of her in 1976

And this the picture taken in May: Farrah undergoes more tests in her battle against cancer in May

More about Farrah you can read here.... Click here

Its a lost.... MJ- Michael Jackson

I am not a big fan of him, but my school days were surrounded by his music. I love listening to his number but forgot the title of the songs....

Anyway, this is his destiny.... MJ is dies in his 50 , yesterday in LA.... of a heart attack...

Jun 17, 2009

Manik- recent project.

Buat baju kurung baru untuk myself. This time trying to do some beading onto my baju.somehow it rather bored, tapi kena habiskan juga sebelum raya. Jahitan manik diadaptasikan dari buku A-Z sulaman manik tulisan Sue Gardner, tetapi di alih bahasa melayu oleh Utusan Publications.

Jun 13, 2009

My father's birthday.

Last 5th of June was my father's birthday. I made the card a week before his birthday. I send it through snail mail and when he received the birthday card I was in Kulim with my sister and others. My father told me that it was nice and he like the card. I haven't got any present for him. I might give something for him when I went back this coming 21st June for a durian feast at my father's dusun. Can't wait to eat durians..:D

Jun 4, 2009

Oh no!

What a lovely posed... I snapped the photo when she says oh no! Its gone!.