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Nov 24, 2008

Bliss you out...

Looks like that I am not writing any journal in here but I do art journaling frequently. When the books is fulled then I will upload the journal in here to share with you. I didn't know if anyone ever came in here and read my blogs. I hope there are people seeing and reading this. ^-^ hi there!

Well, seems that for nearly 2 months and a half that I am not busy with this site. Yup, I am quite busy with my life and family. Starting Ramadan and Syawal, keeping me busy with house work not forgetting mentioning my little Ain. She is now getting friendly with alphabets and numbers. She is really enjoying learning the new things. She is a fast learner and quite good with numbers.

Here I got a selfpotrait that were made on a occasion of my birthday. Actually its ready a week after I post a sketches of it on my last blog. Please do comment about it. I will write my blog soon.

Aug 21, 2008

Me, getting older...

I am 38 today. As usual, not getting many wishes. My hubby gave me something that he saw at Central Market. I am happy eventhough its not a diamond or an expensive items. His thoughts that really count. Thank you sweetie.

I am sketching a selfpotrait but not yet finished. I wanted to make some journal on it. A birthday journal. 38 of years living on earth.... so much things I dreamed of and so little things I achieved.

I am so fortunate and thankful to Allah for the reason I am still alive and the good things happened in my life. Eventhough I don't have much friends to celebrate with, I am still lucky to have a considerate husband and family.

This is the potrait of being me. Not really me, but silly potrait. I am tired because now is at 3:41 am. Need some sleep. I'll post anything good in the morning.

Happy birthday to me.

potrait of me, unfinished.

Aug 9, 2008


Lawa kan tarikh tu. tapi terlewat untuk abadikan kat sini. Aku demam semalam . Aku tak on
line siang tadi. Pagi semalam pergi klinik dan selepas makan ubat dan tidur, barula beransur sihat.

Dah kol 12 mlm. Tak sempat nak abadikan tarikh cantik tu.

Ahh. nak tido la. penat.

Aug 2, 2008

Happy Birthday

I have gone through quite a lot of interesting life. I am not crafting since my last story in here. Its not that I am lacked of ideas, but I am busy sewing a new curtains for my living area. So much things to be done nowadays and yet I am out of time. Sheduled...scheduled..

Well, my Ain Nur Diyanah for now she is talking. Quite interesting though when in the morning she wokes me up by saying ..mama.. wake up mama,...wake up... when, of course sometimes I am still lying laziness in bed . She is so adorable!..

This card I made last night for my sister's coming birthday. Hers will be in 25th and mine 21th. Isn't that great? but unfortunately, we never celebrate it together. May be I am not the kind of person she likes to take for the party or celebrations. She regularly celebrate with her other friends. I don't mind that, because I am used to it. No heart feeling... honestly!

I made something different this time. A card is not just a card. I created this book cover. This is infront cover. I used paper from ClubScrap and K& Co paper as well. Embellishment from ClubScrap.

This is the layout of the inside of the book cover. Its no book actually, just pretends to have a book inside. What I did is make a big flower card in the left side which I stamp and embossed on the brown dark paper, again from ClubScrap. On the right hand side, I made a booklet and then I slide it into the pocket I have made earlier. Isn't it one of a kind?

This is the closer looked of that big flower card that I attached with a glue on the left side. That cake was made using a shrinking paper. I stamp with a cake stamping and then colored with desired color ink that is permanent. I shrink it with a heat tools and then I made it glow by applying a 3D crystal lacquer. observed!.. yup.... some glue bling at the edges of the petals.

This is the booklet that I made to write my journal for my sister. I slot it in the pocket at the right side of the book cover. Actually, I stamped a few stamping items on the inkjet transparency paper with a staz on ink, then I take a bling bling paper from K& Company special paper. Insert another plain red paper inside the bling bling paper then make two holes outside left of that booklet to decorate it with ribbons.

Its 4am right now.. I hardly type further more... so tired... and there is all. Thank you for coming here. Bye.

May 19, 2008

Hari Ibu

Banyak projek aku buat masa ini. Tapi sayang, kamera Sony digital aku rosak.Kenapalah kalau pinjam hak orang itu, kepentingan pengunaan yang sebaik dan seeloknya keatas alatan tersebut tidak diiplikasikan dengan sewajarnya?.Sudah dua kali dipinjam kan kamera aku itu kepada seseorang yang sama. Namun nasib kamera aku semasa dipulang kan lagi teruk...shutter kamera itu tidak berfungsi langsung semasa aku mahu mengambil gambar projek terkini yang aku dah siapkan. Perasaan marah dah kecewa la. Nak beli yang baru bukan sekecil harganya. Aku kalau beli sesuatu barang tu memang biar kalah membeli sebabnya menang memakai. Aku beli kamera Sony tu semasa di Jepun, tujuh tahun dulu. Lihatla betapa lamanya aku memakainya dan masih dalam keadaan elok. Bila bertukar tangan aje, langsung ranap ....

Jadi terpaksala aku mengambil gambar dari kamera telefon Nokia yang tidak berapa terang. Baru-baru ini sambutan hari ibu pada 11 hb Mei. Sememangnya semasa arwah mak masih ada aku tak pernah la nak sambut. Lagipun keadaan waktu dulu tak seperti sekarang yang mana hari ibu ini diwar-warkan seawal dua atau tiga bulan oleh media dan tempiasnya memang terasa sekali. Bila tiada ibu untuk di raikan, aku pun cuma ucapkan melalui text sms meghantarkan kepada kawan rapat dan adik aku. Istimewa untuk adik aku, aku ada buat kan dia satu buku seperti album yang ada gambar dan cerita. Sebenarnya idea itu datang dari TvWeekly, host untuk idea projek tu Tracia Morris. Kebetulan aku ada kertas scrapbooking yang lawa lawa, jadi aku pun mencuba untuk buat seperti itu. Gambar-gambar kenangan bersama ibu aku diwaktu kecil kami dan dewasa aku tampal kan di dalam buku itu. Harapan dan kenangan semua aku luahkan dalam scrapbooking binder tu. I am happy because my sister really appreciate it. Suami aku pulak dia kata on mother's day dia akan masak untuk aku. Really?...Nope! not a chance!... but he did bought us Dominoes... and I ate it sampai terasa sakit perut... apa tak nya... Makan untuk berdua, tapi beli yang large dapat satu free.(if you had that gold dominoes card). Well, after all Iam quite happy with the celebration this year. Hubby is not quite romantic as to celebrates all the important date of my life. Yeah, even my birthday. I 'm quite used to it and don't mind for that because I always celebrates all the dates which applied to our life with him. I love to give him cards and homemade anything goes with the celebrations. He love when I do such things and questioned me whenever I missed given anything .
Bila ibu dah tak ada barulah terasa yang kita sebenarnya amat memerlukannya. Janganlah abaikan mereka ketika hidup mereka ini. Aku memang tak dapat habiskan masa bersama dengan ibu aku dulu.

May 1, 2008

Purse, bag and sickness

Recently I am quite busy with my project scheduled. I have make several purse for my friend, Raha. She wanted to have something as a giveaway gift for her client. She have a nice beauty saloon here in KL. She is using Mary Kay at her saloon. As for that matter, she also asked me to make a small bag for her client's item that they bought from the saloon. Exclusively. I am so stressed and having a flu right now. Need to rest some more. Enjoy the picture... Click here for more view.

Apr 30, 2008

Mar 3, 2008

Thank You Card.

Here I made a card for saying gratitude to someone recently. Its kind of simple but I have some difficulty with my heat tool.

Firstly I stamped my desire images to a plain white card. Then simply colored it with a gelpen. I am using an ink with blue color to stamp the images. I blend the colors strikingly and satisfied with it then I put some 3D crystal lacquer on the images and let it dried. Once it all dry up, I cut each images separately (I am using a continues roller images which got 6 images on it). After that I get my card ready with 4"by 6" with peach color. For the horizontal panel, there's two of them, one is for the left side I'm using BasicGrey paper pad( I luv this pattern) which is about 1.5"by 6" (just enough for you to cover the other panel). If you like you could cut decoratively the edges using the scallop scissor or cutter.

For the other panel which is I chosed red, its just enough to be the based of my stamped images that I did earlier. So I layered the panel and glued the stamping images on its places with double sided tape which makes them raised like a 2D or 3D object.

To finished the card, just tied a ribbon and make a knot and cut it just nicer to see.

Lastly, stamp a word thank you and embossed it with a gold embossing powder. Now you have it. Simple and nice. Go and try to make one.... Good luck!

Feb 24, 2008

My anniversary cd book

My poster
Originally uploaded by Kawaii_massmy

Just to share with you all scrapbooking lovers. This is how I scrap things onto acryllic CDs and then gathered as a book.

Feb 23, 2008

Anniversary art journal

Actually, I never been to study an art painting or media mix art. But I do have basics on drawings but not using the media in advanced. So thank you to the internet world. I believed this cyber world brings togetherness in every single medium of anything. Like sewing group, artist group, crafting and etc. I really love this cyber world as I have learned new beautiful things of art... especially media art medium (am i right.... medium art media?... anyways, people will understand me when I highlights it right here)

I have been journaling long before, but I never ever have thought that you could always done something like this art journal. You simply put it layers by layers, colors by colors medium, gesso, papers, decorative papers and you end up with something that you will amazed. Pretty sure that this kind of blogging is messy but you know, as I began to make this art journal recently, I don't really care for the messy things around me as long as I am really enjoy and happy with the results.

How did I turn up to play with art journal recently?... well... I really inspired by this girl nicknamed Suziblu. Her artwork are really enormous. May be my paintings or drawing similar to her... what to do, she is my idol and my teacher. I've learned so much from her uTube video. So, the painting showed aboved were my first attemps and hoping that Suziblu would comment on this. I hope in near future I would record my video on making my art journal.

suziblu; for boswell gallery

16th Anniversary

Well... today is my sixteen anniversary. That long... so many things happened in the journey of this marriage of mine. Nothing more precious in this world, than just to have a happy family. For this year, my husband present me with a beautiful home. I really adored it. I never dream to have such a beautiful and huge home. Alhamdullilah... I thank Allah for the gift of happiness in life. And hoping that I would have chance giving birth for another child. I wish...

For this 16th of my anniversary, I had prepared a gift for my husband. A card and a CD anniversary book. Take a peek . I started to make that cd book 2 months ago. I really
satisfied with the finishing. Inspirational came from TvWeekly and

I hope my husband appreciate my homemade gift.

Feb 17, 2008

My first scrapbooking layouts.

Recently, my surfing territory is related to scrapbooking, stamping and art. How amazed it was to have such interneting revolutions and picking all about anything in the world we could want to know, to see, to buy, making friends, learning online and etc. I wanted to talk about uTube as well but as for now I am focusing on scrapbooking that at first I almost dislike them.

Why dislike scrapbooking? oh well, when I have to think about scrap and then you have to make it as a book...isn't it making a mess at the end? BUT .... that was my thoughts before I really got my nose into this scrapbooking world or really knows how really this hobby can make you go nuts! . So much excited whenever I discovered this link- TvWeekly. You have to see it
to experienced it.

This is how my first layout looks like when I tried to make it. Papers and embellisments are not that superb as I can bought here in my town. I have to purchased that really nice thick papers online and it was pricey sinced all the items were bought from US. So, as for the first creativity of mine, the items using on this layouts are simply flower(sakura) punches and other images were printed . The images were totally from
Nowadays, there are scrapbooking store here in Malaysia... but in quite numbers. Not that as many as you can have else where in other countries. This srapbooking in Malaysia just emerged and posibilities to get a huge fans of this kind of hobbies may rises as I've learned that many have had talking and making it. I hope to find friends here at my home town and we could swap items or stamping or anything we should. If you are from Malaysia and around Selangor or KL area please let me know. May be when we got enough fans of this scrapbooking and we could gathered on weekends or anything. Isn't it excited?... See out there in US and other parts of the world having a nice day scrapbooking with friends, family etc. I wish I could attend that CHA winter.. they are having just recently.... aaahhh... ok ..going to scrap my pictures... see you all later.