May 28, 2009

Miss You

One of my cyber friend whom I met online about thirteen years ago, who became a good friend of mine asking me to make her a farewell card... so this is what I come out with.

She told me that she like the birthday card that I made for her recently. There was japanese girl holding a fan that fancy her for this card. So, I am anxiously created them for a few hours and ready at 3 am. Yes, that's my sleeping time recently. Okay, I hope she really admires this creation.


  1. cantiknya! kreatif sungguh!

    brapa cost utk kad mcm ni?

  2. shinn dear...i feel like crying lah, really....i am so touched by your prompt response and the effort that you put in. As i have said countless time, i really admire your creativity. And for you to complete that beautiful card within 3 hours??!....woww!...u r fantastic lah shin. Kad tu lawa sangat, and skarang macam berbelah bagi pulak hati i nak kasi kat my fren spt mana yang telah diniatkan sebelum ini...rasa macam nak simpan jelah kad ni utk i sendiri..ehehehe. Tak sabarlah nak tunggu kad tu melayang kat sini. For the past few days bila check letter box yang ada bills je...ishh...betul lah orang2 cakap, pernantian tu satu penyeksaankan, betul tak?? i love the card really, and i love you so much...! Thanks a bunch!

  3. heheheh.. zur.. you're funny!...:D